Kashubian giants

Find all the giants in Gniewino

Kashubian Stolemë

In the 20 km north-west of Wejherowo located commune of Gniewino one can find giants (Stolemë), known from Kashubian legends, which were created from painted boulders. There are giants for fishermen (in Nadole, near the open air museum), for loggers (in Mierzyno) and farmers (in Perlino). In Gniewino, there’s even a football giant. During the EURO 2012 the local Sports and Recreation Centre housed the Spanish football team, which speaks for the quality and the rank of this object.

A giant power plant

In the village of Żarnowiec operates Poland’s largest pumped storage power plant, whose 120-hectare reservoir contains 13 million m3 water. Its surface is located 100 metres above Lake Żarnowieckie, from which it is fed. The observation tower Kaszubskie Oko (the Kashubian Eye) located east of Gniewino offers the best views of the Lake.