Kashubian notes

Thematic trail through Wejherowo

To je krótczi, to je dłëdżi, to kaszëbskô stolëca.
To są basë, to są skrzëpczi, to òznôczô Kaszëba.
Òznôczô Kaszëba, basë, skrzëpczi,
krótczi, dłëdżi, to kaszëbskô stolëca…

(This is short, this is long, this is the Kashubian capital.
This is a bass, this is a violin, featuring a Kashubian.
Featuring a Kashubian, bass, violin,
short, long, this is the Kashubian capital …)

Walk along the trail of the Kashubian notes

The trail of the Kashubian notes (the so-called Kashubian alphabet) consists of 14 granite pillars, with letters and characters in Kashubian pattern, crowned by brass panels. They are found in Wejherowo among others at the market place, in the Majkowski-Park (where you can hear the Kashubian song with accordion accompaniment), the Philharmonic and on the Calvary.