Cycling and Nordic walking

Explore the Baltic region by bike

Discover Northern Kashubia by bike

The Bike Trail Northern Kashubia runs from Gdynia- Chylonia (to the north-west of Gdynia) to Wejherowo (115 km). In the Wejherowo County it runs through the village of Nadole on Lake Żarnowiec, where you can visit the Kashubian Peasant’s and  Fisherman’s Farmstead  (Zagroda Gburska i Rybacka ) open-air museum and a Marina. In the tiny village of Czymanowo is a huge pumped-storage power plant. After a long bike tour you can take a break on the Baltic coast beach near Piaśnica. Nearby in the Piasnickie Forests is an enormous mass grave from the second World. About 12.000 people were murdered by the Nazis in the years 1939-1940. Finally, you will arrive in Wejherowo with its beautiful Calvary and the romantic Aleksander Majkowski Park.

The route leads along dirt roads which are quiet and safe for cyclers. Meet the Kashubian spirit from your bike!

Cycle along the Polish Baltic coast

Discover the Polish Baltic coast with beautiful lagoons, picturesque lakes, high cliffs, walking dunes and wide beaches covered with powdered, almost white sand. Uncover the beauty of this region by cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Euro Velo 10) and the Iron Curtain Route (Euro Velo 13) which both lead through the Wejherowo land. If the weather is good, you can even take a bath in the Baltic Sea or a lake.

You can also explore the Wejherowo district outside the official cycle routes. Cycle through forests, meadows, fields, along lakes and visit nice places which you will discover by your own.

Nordic walking around Wejherowo

Take your Nordic walking poles and test the Wejherowo Nordic walking trails. We offer routes of varying difficulty, suitable for both beginners and professional walkers. Marked trails are in the Majkowski Park and Calvary. On information tables along the trail you will find warm-up and stretching exercises.