Kashubian culture

Discover the Kashubian spirit

The Kashubians can be satisfied. Because they love their Kashubian culture, history, identity, language and their small homeland, they have a future. In the Pomeranian voivodship not only the district of Wejherowo maintains the tradition of her ancestors, the districts of Puck, Bytów, Lębork, Kościerzyna, Kartuzy and parts of the districts of Chojnice and Słupsk do it as well. By the way, the Kashubian language is the only regional language in Poland, you can hear on FM and online, thanks to radio Kaszëbë.

Living Kashubian culture

If you want to learn about the history and culture of the Kashubians, admire their colourful clothing with the characteristic embroidery, see Kashubian dances, or discover the delights of this region, we invite you  to visit the district of Wejherowo and the Pomeranian region, as well as to participate in our local public holidays. Since 1999, the world meeting of the Kashubians (Światow Zjazd Kaszubów) has been organised in different places of the region. In July 2016 it took place in Wdzydzy Kiszewskie under the motto ” Zrzeszonëch naju nicht nie złómie” (United we are unbeatable).