Calvary of Wejherowo

Visit the Kashubian Jerusalem

The Calvary of Wejherowo , also called the ‘Kashubian Jerusalem’ or ‘Holy mountains’ is located on a morainal hill covered by beeches. This place of pilgrimage includes 26 stations created on the initiative and funded by Jakub Wejher, the founder of the city of Wejherowo. The Calvary of Wejherowo is the fourth Calvary funded in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, which existed from 1569 to 1795. The other three calvaries are located in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska  (near Cracow), Pakość (central Poland) and in the Western Lithuanian region of Samogitia.

26 Stations of the cross

A walk along the 26 Stations of the Cross (4,5 km) will take 2.5. hours. You can start at the Monastery Church which is also worth visiting. The chapels of the Calvary boasts a wide  variety of forms. Some religious buildings (“House of the Virgin”, “First Case of Jesus”, “Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the Cross”) are half-timbered. The Chapel ‘Jesus meets his Mother’ is a rotunda with ornaments remembering Dutch art. The baroque palace of Pilate has the floor plan of a Greek cross. There are also simple designed chapels: ‘Weeping women’, ‘The exposure of Christ’ and ‘The Crucifixion’”.

Visiting the Calvary of Wejherowo

When you visit the Calvary individually, you can enjoy the silence and reflect. But if you want to experience the religious community, you should visit the Calvary in the Holy week during the local Passion Play.