Wejherowo Municipal Park

Green oasis in the Kashubian capital

The park complex next to the castle of the families of Przebendowski and Keyserling, impresses with its diversity and size. You can have a picnic on the grass between flowerbeds and red, pink and yellow roses wind around pergolas. Your children can romp in the Park’s modern playground with many toys. On hot days, fountains give a slight cooling. And in the evening the park has a very romantic atmosphere due to special lighting.

Hear Kashubian notes

If you press a button on the Kashubian Bank on the accordion, the song “Kashubian notes” can be heard. The Kashubian language is a vulnerable, West Slavic language that is spoken by about 100,000 people.

Beautiful nature

Enormous beech, common ash, Linden, and white pine grow in the park. In the marshy areas of the park, you can walk across a bridge made of wooden planks. Alder, Cypress and swamp Oaks grow in the swamps. In the summer you can rent pedalos in the form of swans, ducks or cars and paddle with them on the park canal.


Summer concerts, such as the Open Air Rock Festival and the Municipal May Festival, as well as the international children’s day are held in the amphitheater in the southern part of the Park. The Park also invites cyclists, hikers and lovers of Nordic walking. You will find some tips on an information table. In the castle there is a café and a restaurant.