Stations of the Cross and passion plays

A unique Kashubian religious event

A Kashubian proverb says: “The person who doesn’t visit the Calvary once in his lifetime, must slip it down on his knees after his death.”

Calvary – living history

The Calvary in Wejherowo is a place of indulgences, Stations of the Cross and passion plays. Every year on good Friday you can see a procession whit the passion play as the big finale. The passion play theatre group of the Cultural Centre of Wejherowo organises the event. The actors are very professional. You will feel like traveling back in time.

Dancing holy pictures

A special indulgence ritual of the Wejherowo pilgrimage represents the greeting of groups of pilgrims with feretories. Feretories are panels with pictures of Saints. Kashubia is the only region where you can experience such a pilgrimage.

National proud

The Franciscans, who care for this religious place, have issued since the 18th century special prayer books. These books were able to protect the population against denationalisation. This was important, because a series of partitions took place in Poland in 1772, 1793 and 1795 which were conducted by Poland’s neighbours Prussia, Austria and Russia.

Location and contact information

Pilgrimage- and Tourist Information
Passions- and Mary-Sanctuarium

19 Reformatów Street
84-200 Wejherowo

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