Land of silence and delicacies

Choczewo on the Baltic coast

The municipality of Choczewo is the only municipality in the District of Wejherowo which borders with the Baltic Sea coast. The 17 km long coastline has very quiet and clean beaches which you can reach from the villages of Lubiatowo, Słajszewo and Sasino. The 100-year old 55 m high lighthouse Stilo in the tiny village Osetnik near Sasino is open to visitors. It is built on a 45 m high dune about 1 km from the Baltic Sea. Stilo is made of bolt-together cast-iron parts. You can find this unique type of lighthouse worldwide only three times.

Paradise for active people

The Choczewskie Lake and Kopalińskie Lake are paradises for lovers of water sports and fishing. At the 170 ha big Choczewskie Lake there is a small beach with swimming facilities. The occurrence of spiny-cheek crayfish speaks for the cleanliness of the water. From the shore and some bridges you can fish bream, tench, perch, pike and carp. Bream, crucian carp, roach, perch and pike have their habitats in the 8-hectare big Kopalińskie Lake. Fishing at this private water is possible from June till October. You have to pay a small fee to the owner of the lake.  You can reach the owner under: +48 58 676 32 34.

Nature treasures

The yew reserve Choczewskie Cisy (Choczewo yew) protects the yew in this local coastal forest. The Wąwozy Borkowskie reserve (Borkowo Canyon) is home to Daphne mezereum, common clubmoss (lycopodium clavatum), broad-leaved marsh orchid and hard-fern.  The Sarbska Spit reserve (Mierzeja Sarbska) protects a narrow strip of coastal dunes (which have a height up to 25 m above sea level and a length of 1 km), as well as forest areas, mainly pine forests and wetlands with meadows and heather.

Delicacies of the Kashubian kitchen

Taste the gifts of forests, lakes, rivers, gardens and orchards used in the Kashubian kitchen, whose tradition is maintained by tourist farms in Gościęcino, Sasino und Słajszewo. These farms have been awarded with the certificate “Culinary Pomeranian heritage“. Among the typical Kashubian dishes are cod pie, potato salad with herring, cranberry with horseradish and apples, fish soup, cabbage rolls with mushrooms and fresh trout.

Choczewo – Land of monuments

In the municipality of Choczewo you can visit a few interesting religious buildings. The church of the village of Osieki has a baptismal font from the 14th century and a wonderful Baroque altar. The 19th century churches in Zwartowo and Ciekocino are also worth a visit. In the villages of the municipality you can find as many as 19 manor houses and castles, which were built around 1900. If you are interested in archaeology you should visit the village Szklana Huta with a historic burial mound (Kurgan) where tombs from the iron age have been found.

Location and contact information

Municipal office (Urząd Gminy) Choczewo

17 Pierwszych Osadników Street, 84-210 Choczewo

phone. +48 58 572 39 40, +48 58 572 39 13, +48 58 572 39 07