Library of Gerard Labuda

The facility is to commemorate professor Gerard Labuda – an outstanding expert on universal history in Poland, including Pomerania and Kashubia. The heart of the library is the scientist’s collection of books located on the ground floor, which was composed of 26,000 volumes. Admittedly, the visitors of the library cannot enter this room, but the animation with the professor’s figure, displayed in a narrow corridor between the bookshelves, intrigues and encourages to explore his world.

Professor’s rich life

At the stairs leading to the first floor, where an exhibition dedicated to Gerard Labuda is organized, there are glass panels from the calendar of the scholar’s life – both in Polish and Kashubian. The dates displayed here are related to the most important events in the historian’s life.

Kashubian roots

The exhibition on the first floor is a meeting with the history of the Kashubs according to prof. Labuda. Here we learn about the scientist’s silhouette and his concept of the history of Kashubia. The information is contained in cabinets in the form of pull-out drawers. The narrative about the history of Kashubia, conducted on two sides of exhibition boards made of semi-transparent glass, captures it in two perspectives – internal (local) and external (in relation to the history of Poland).

The cultural centre of the district

The library is to perform a culture-forming function as a space for organizing temporary exhibitions, lectures, competitions, workshops, training sessions and meetings. It is also to promote the promotion of science, especially history and culture, as well as international cooperation in this field.