Workshops on Kashubian art

Mansion of the Wood Worker

The Communal Cultural Centre “Dworek Drzewiarza” (Mansion of the Wood Worker) in Gościcino is housed in a 1905-built brick works manufacturers Villa.

Workshops and clubs

Workshops for sculpture, painting, pottery and photography are held here. Also several clubs are located here: the Association for sea painting “Mare Nostrum”, the cyclists Club Wejherowo, the in Łężyce operating association “Szansa dla Nas”, the Wejherowo wind orchestra, the ensemble of Kashubian pranks (Kaszëbsczi Psote) and the theatre group Zbierańce.

Laboratory of Kashubian traditions

Within the cycle of “laboratory of Kashubian traditions”, there are workshops for basket-making, laid paper-making, Kashubian cooking, glass painting, felting, Kashubian embroidery and lace making and also lectures about Kashubian traditions. Ecology- as well as art- and photo exhibitions are shown at the cultural centre.