Kashubian deities

Kashubian mythology trail

Wëkrëkùs, Pùrtk, Szëmich…These are the names of Kashubian deities. If you want to familiarize yourself with the Kashubian mythology, you should visit the 13 villages of the commune of Linia, where three-metre-high sculptures, introduce local Gods.

Kashubian Gods and Goddesses

In Kętrzyno you will meet Wëkrëkùs the guardian of loners and in Zakrzewo the play and dance God Jigrzan which is especially important during midsummer. For ones who live in harmony with nature, don’t need to be afraid of Goddess Bòrowa Cotka (in Smażyno), under whose custody are forests and the animals living there. People who destroy nature, so it is said, will be enchanted in a Juniper. Men should be warned for the beautiful Pólnica (in Tłuczewo) who enchants with her beauty. Being her subject, the longing and death await. The Kashubian water God Nëczk can produce dangerous eddies and currents in the Baltic Sea, lakes and rivers.

Visit all 13 Kashubian deities

If you want to see all 13 deities you should follow the 85.6 km long trail “Feel the Kashubian Spirit“. Next to each figure there is a bike rack and benches for resting.