Kashubian Philharmonic

Concert hall and cultural centre in Wejherowo

Since 2013 Wejherowo possesses the Kashubian Philharmonic with a cultural centre. The object reminds in its form of a boat, to remember the Kashubian tradition and the Baltic Sea region. On its panoramic terrace, one can feel like a ship’s captain. The  outside of the building is decorated with sculptures which connect to different arts: actor, ballet dancer, trumpeter, cellist, and painter. Parts of the pavement are decorated with Kashubian patterns.

Concert hall and cultural centre

In the philharmonic there is a modern glass-enclosed room with 374 seats suitable for concerts, film and theatre performances as well as conferences. There’s also a gallery area, a recording studio with production room, a café and a spacious foyer. The second part of the building, made of red stone and sandstone serves as a cultural centre for different creative activities, like: theatre, ballet, music and computer animation. For artists, painters, photographers, sculptors, potters and film animators are special work spaces available. About 30 sections and groups of artists reside in the Wejherowo cultural centre.


The cultural centre has excellent technical equipment. Each spring the Baltic Design Festival takes place here. During summer the cultural center organizes concerts not only in the centre itself, but also in the Majkowski Park. And in the holiday season children are invited to join interesting leisure activities, such as workshops for modern dance, circus or pinhole Photography.

Location and contact information

Wejherowo Cultural Centre (Centrum Kultury)

255 Sobieskiego Street, 84-200 Wejherowo

Phone: +48 58 672 27 75, +48 58 672 43 84

e-mail: wck@wck.org.pl


Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday-Friday: 10:30-21:00, Saturday: 15:00-21:00, :Sunday: 9.30-21:00