Cacti and ostriches

Exotics in the Cactus Farm and Ostrich Farm

Poland’s largest Cactus Farm

Admire about 6500 species and 2 million copies of cacti and Succulents on one of the largest Cactus Farm in Europe: “Kaktusiarnia” in Rumia, located midway between Wejherowo and Gdynia. See several metres high specimens from North America. Impressive is also the so-called mother-in-law seat with a diameter of one meter. The wealth of colours, plants and thorn forms is impressive.

Most colourful in May

The best time to visit the Cactus farm is the beginning of May when succulents starts to bloom. Some of them bloom only once in several years. By the way, entrance to the Kaktusiarnia is free of charge! You can buy plants which cost from 2,00 PLN.

Please note, that the Kaktusiarnia closes it’s doors after the 2019 season. This year is the last year you can visit the farm.

Ostrich farm

Not less exotic is the ostrich farm in Kniewo, where in addition to African ostrich also emus, ducks, chickens, geese, Guinea fowl, lamas, donkeys, goats, sheep and rabbits live. Children can take a ride on pony Kacperek. Some animals may be fed and caressed. The restaurant serves dishes prepared with meat and eggs of ostriches. A gift shop offers jewelry, accessories, feathers, as well as products made of ostrich skin and giant eggs.

Location and contact information

Cactus Farm (Kaktusiarnia) Andrzej and Łucja Hinz

2 Partyzantów Street
84-230 Rumia (near Gdynia)

phone:  +48 512 459 225


Opening hours

From 27-04-2019 till 05-05-2019

Monday – Friday 9:00-17:00 Saturday  9:00-15:00


Ostrich farm (Strusia Farma) Kniewo

Aleja Lipowa 125
84-252 Kniewo

phone: +48  58 676 63 29, +48 695 733 553


Opening hours

May – September, daily: 10:00-19:00.

In the off-season we ask for prior notification.