Kashubian lake procession

Exceptional parish fair

Every year on July the 26th you should visit Nadole for an exceptional parish fair to the honor of St. Anne. See the wonderful Kashubian procession on the Żarnowieckie Lake. The inhabitants of Nadole meet in traditional Kashubian costumes in the Saint Augustin Chapel in Nadole. After the mass they row in flower-decked boats, kayaks or pedal boats to Żarnowiec. The event is enriched with games, entertainment as well as culinary attractions.

The only way to the catholic church

80 years ago it was common that the residents of the west bank of the lake headed to the catholic church in Żarnowiec across the Lake for the Sunday Mass.  At that time, when Pomerania was German, there was no land connection between the the village of Nadole and the only catholic church in the neighbourhood.