Manors and palaces

Witnesses and victims of history

Manors, mansions and palaces of the Northern Kashubian region have been witnesses, sometimes victims of historical turmoil and socio-political changes. These architectural pearls are now hotels, restaurants, conference centres, and even museums. The most interesting and best preserved objects in the Wejherowo  District which are open for visitors, are:

  • palaces: Godętowo, Sasino, Zwartowo, Wejherowo, Ciekocinek, Borkowo Lęborskie
  • manors: Gościęcino (Manor House Drzewiarz), Bychowo, Salino, Starbienino

If you are looking for relaxation, you will find peace and quiet in the manor an mansion parks, in which grow, sometimes centuries old rare trees, such as the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) in Zwartowo. Or maybe you need to relieve stress and the intense pace of work and life? Horse riding, tennis, team sports or badminton, bicycle rental and shooting ranges are offered in some palaces and mansions. For children there is a mini zoo with feeding possibilities. Some  of the hotels offer business services, like the organisation of seminars, conferences, conventions or banquets. The atmosphere of the past centuries play feasts by a bon fire or wine tasting in stylish wineries.

Kashubian culture

The Kashubian-Pomeranian Museum of Literature and Music, located in the Przebendowski and Keyserling Palace in Wejherowo, provides cultural and educational activities connected with regional traditions. You can also visit the rich  collections about regional literature and Kashubian cultural heritage. In turn, in the Tuscan-style manor from the late 19th century in Starbienino which is a branch of the  Kashubian Folk High School in Wieżyca, you can joy workshops of weaving and ceramics.

Information on the Northern Kashubian Manor and Palace Trail