Fun on the water

Quiet and clean beaches

You will definitely fall in love with Kashubia, when you enjoy water recreation. The northern kashubian region has beautiful coastal lakes, inland lakes as well as meandering rivers between morainic hills. Don’t forget about the Baltic Sea coast with almost white sandy beaches. Moreover, the beaches on the Baltic coast or on the lakes are very quiet and clean.

Kashubian Lakeland

The Żarnowieckie, Zawiad, Salino, Czarne, Dąbrze, Orle, Kamień, Otalżyno, Miłoszewo, Potęgowo, Bieszkowice, Wyspowo and, last but not least, the Choczewo Lakes are top destinations for swimming, fishing, sailing and other water sports. Remember that some of the lakes, among them Lake Choczewo, have quiet zones, where motor boats are forbidden.

Meandering rivers

The Reda, Zagórska Struga, Jeżewska Struga and Bychowska Struga rivers offer fine conditions for canoeing.

Baltic Sea beaches

The Baltic coast is an excellent place for swimming, sailing and surfing. The temperature of the seawater is about 17 C. The beaches are very quiet and sandy they border with dense forests. You can reach them by bike or on foot.